Kentia palm with brasil philodendron

Let us help you create a beautiful unique interiorscape that will impress your boss, coworkers and clients.

Your  beautiful green interiorscape will be healthy, lush, living, and perfectly suited to your image.

Imagine it all appearing magically and staying healthy without effort by you.

Let us make it happen! We put nature to work in youroffice by bringing in spectacular living flower and plant arrangements and keeping them healthy and happy.

Your plantings arrive ready to go to work and you can take credit for providing your fellow employees with a beautiful space.

Sign up for our plant healthcare plan and no one will ever have to take the blame for that dead plant in the corner.

Call us today! We can’t wait to put nature to work for you.

Everyone in the office loves the plants – they have started naming them!The Plant Connection was a great choice. The prices are reasonable, the plants look wonderful, and we have been treated professionally and respectfully every step of the way. We can’t recommend them enough! “

Elle Vargas – Agile Impacts