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Is your office missing something?

Is that final piece in place?

The thing that our clients say transforms their space?

Our clients use the following words to describe the way their office feels after the plants arrive : calm, alive, natural, peaceful and serene.
If your office felt that way wouldn’t you be happier when Monday morning rolls around and it is time to go to your productive oasis with your healthy attractive plants?
Indoor plants and artwork are the final pieces of the puzzle when you are trying to put together a place where people come together to create great things. Let us help you create great things! Learn more or contact us.

We offer interior and exterior container plant sales, interior plant design and our plant waterers will come out and help you with indoor plant maintenance and care.

Let us put the power of plants to work in your business

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Everyone in the office loves the plants – they have started naming them!The Plant Connection was a great choice. The prices are reasonable, the plants look wonderful, and we have been treated professionally and respectfully every step of the way. We can’t recommend them enough!

Elle Vargas

Office Administrator, Agile Impacts

Reconciling my two selves

I have been “the plant lady” since 1981. Before that I dreamed of working in the fashion world. (I know right?) When I defaulted to plants I also dropped the idea that it mattered what I look like. Well I took that just a bit too far and am trying to turn...