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Powerful Plants

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Powerful Plants

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Powerful Plants

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Step 1: Design Visualization

At a time that is convenient to you one of our experts will stop in and tour your office with you. At that time you can expect a series of questions designed to help us transform your space into the healthy happy office you know it can be. We will also take photos (with your permission) that will help you see the results ahead of time. Depending on the size of your office this visit will take 15 minutes to an hour.



Step 2: The plant Matchmakers go to work

All your input will be taken back to our office and given to the plant matchmaking team who will begin crafting your office transformation. They will sort through the many plant and planter choices to come up with your special mix of plants that makes your company unique and solves the issues you are having trouble with. Solutions will be crafted with  different service/price point levels. Additional ideas for using plants and nature in your office will be presented. This process takes 2-3 business days.

Step 3: Make your selection!

Once you make your selection our purchasing specialists order your items and get you on our installation calendar. Your plants are cleaned, inspected for pests and diseases and set up in your special containers. We will ask for a deposit of 50% at or before installation with the balance of your purchase price due within ten days after the installation is complete. Expect us to complete your order and have it ready for delivery within 1-3 weeks.

Step 4: Transformation:

The transformation team brings your clean green air cleaning machines in and your office is transformed into a clean healthy oasis of calm focused productivity! We hope you are happy with our selections. IF NOT let us know. We gladly make exchanges within the first two weeks.

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