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Plant Connection Services – The Plant Connection

Interior Plant Sales, Design and Installation

• Guaranteed design means you can exchange plants  within the first two weeks if you are unhappy  with our selections.

Design services to develop a plan for you to put out to bid are also available for an hourly fee.

Plant & Container design by our seasoned professionals

Out designers  stay current with new plants, colors and design styles.
Your business is unique! There is something special that makes you 
stand out from your competitors. Express your style and brand through the
 plantings you bring into your business.

Your new  office plantings will enhance your image, surprise and delight clients and employees and become topics of conversation.

Plant Leasing

Leasing your plants can be a great way to test the waters of a professional plant service and design. You can lease any of our plants and containers. Our leases are typically for one or two years and can be renewed or rewritten at that time. We would be happy to quote you a lease price in our proposal.

Advantages to Plant Leasing:

• Less up front costs

• Pricing includes maintenance service

• You don’t own the plants – when the lease is up – your commitment to us is up

• When your lease expires, you can renew with a whole new look!

• If you are in love with your existing plants when your lease is up, you can purchase your existing plants at a reduced fee

Plant Care and Maintenance

Our staff of plant technicians and horticulturists  will make sure your plants are thriving. We offer maintenance and service plans so you can focus on your business while we keep your indoor and outdoor plants healthy and well cared for.